Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Won't Be Around Much

As of this time tomorrow, I will be at the surgeon's being preped to repair the rotator cuff on my right shoulder. We have no idea when it happened, but I have been in pain for at least the last year and a half. (There are suspicions that the problem may go back six years.)

I finally got around to talking to the doctor when I started waking up every morning feeling like someone had driven a nail into my shoulder. Not that I hadn't been seeing a doctor about it, but the x-rays and such over the last year never found anything that would cause the pain.

This time I got a referal to an orthopedic surgeon which resulted in an MRI. (Yes, I did fall asleep during the MRI, even if it is kind of loud.) The MRI showed major damage in the shoulder, so we have reconstructive surgery scheduled.

Seeing as I'm right handed this is going to cut even further into my posting and commenting while the shoulder heals.