Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Night At Fenians - Ceol na n'gael

We visited the Traditional Irish Music Session held every Wednesday evening. All of the people pictured on their web page were present as well as quite a few more. We were roped into attending by my wife's Dulcimer teacher, though neither of us brought our instruments. And, yes the Guinness was good.

All told there were 20 active musicians accounting for 1 Harp (other than that on draft), 1 Accordion, 1 Concertina, 2 Hammered Dulcimers, 2 Bodhrams, 2 Open-Hole Wooden Flutes, 3 Fiddles, 3 Mandolins, 4 Tin Whistles, and 5 Guitars. There were so many musicians that there was hardly any room to dance.

The drive there wasn't bad. We saw three wild turkeys along side the road about two miles from the Pub. The drive home was hampered by driving rain and moderate winds. Not fun on country roads.

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