Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wow, That was quick

So, I dropped off my Passport Book/Card application at noon on Monday, July 21st, at the City Clerk's office and received my new Passport Book via Priority Mail today.

No special rush processing or anything.

The State Department web site claims to caught up on their back log and promises Expedited processing in under two weeks and Routine processing in under four weeks.

I got mine (with just Routine processing) in 10 days. Something like 4-5 business days between receipt and shipping.


The Passport Cards are only promised in the next two months. They just got that production line going and they still have a back log.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Photo for New Passport

Well, my last one expired back in 1983. That picture looks like a mugshot. At least this one will be a little bit better.

The mugshot from 1978

What I had intended to use to renew my passport in 1994

Yes, there are some signs of aging.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm Having A Root Canal

No actually not me. This is a song by Glenn Bulthuis which goes like this:

Ah-ah-ah I'm having a root canal, oh, oh, oh, I'm having a root canal
Oh you can drill in my face, any time, any place, to replace any space in my mouth
Oh, I'm having a root canal, I'm tellin' ya I'm having a root canal
I can not tell a lie, I am felling rather high, as the plaque, starts to fly in the sky
I'm having a root canal ....

My head begins to swoon, in the waiting room
The chill, the thrill as he begins to drill, drill, drill, drill

Oh I'm having a root canal, I'm telling ya I'm having a root canal
I don't mind telling you all, I'm buying my mother-in-law
A root caaaaanaaaaal .... a root .... caaaanaaaal

I't thrilling, and chilling and drilling and drilling, I'm having a root canal. Hey!
The dentist drill provided an odd accompaniment.

Here is a sample of this song from his Greatest Hits CD.

Glenn is now producing CD versions of his vinyl releases, so I can now buy a copy of his Misled album from 1980 as a CD and don't have to record the vinyl to MP3 myself.

A couple of the songs from Misled that are included on the Greatest Hits are LA Girls/Michigan Girls and Cruzin Down The Beltline.

Yet another update: Be sure to check out his videos and you can see many places around where I live.