Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summertime 1968

The following are two pictures amongst the variety of items my parents discovered when cleaning up to move to their condo. This is from the "musical" put on at my Junior High when I was in ninth grade. It was called "Summertime" and was a no-specific-race version of Porgy and Bess. Apparently we had two sets of leads in the musical. This was undoubtedly done to keep as many parents happy as possible.

Summertime 1968 A
(back) ??, dan, ??, jim, scott, cindy, rick, ??, kay, rick, tom, tom, mike
(front) ??, john, ??, ??

Summertime 1968 B
(back) ??, ??, sherry, jim, jim, nancy, rick, mary, kay, rick, tom, tom, mike
(front) ??, john, ??, rick

Yup, I'm in both pictures and I can name three quarters of the people without resorting to looking at yearbooks. It would be nice to find the program for that musical to help me identify every last person.

Updated Added the names of the people I recognize.

Double Nickel

Double Nickel

Yup, that's me. I've reached it.

This year's interesting gifts from the parents include old campaign buttons from things I ran for back in school and pictures/programs from old school plays. I must scan the pictures.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


(Have a wonderful time, wish you were here)

Last Thursday we visited the Ludington North Breakwater Lighthouse. Until it was turned over to the Lighthouse Keepers Association, this lighthouse was closed to the public. Now you can climb the three ladders to visit the top. This lighthouse has also been converted from high voltage to low voltage/solar powered and the LOUD fog horn replaced with an equally "green" low power version.

Here are a couple views from the top:

Yesterday we visited the Sleeping Bear Dunes. Although we did not climb the dunes, we did take the trail that puts us at the top so that we had a good view of the lakes.