Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summertime 1968

The following are two pictures amongst the variety of items my parents discovered when cleaning up to move to their condo. This is from the "musical" put on at my Junior High when I was in ninth grade. It was called "Summertime" and was a no-specific-race version of Porgy and Bess. Apparently we had two sets of leads in the musical. This was undoubtedly done to keep as many parents happy as possible.

Summertime 1968 A
(back) ??, dan, ??, jim, scott, cindy, rick, ??, kay, rick, tom, tom, mike
(front) ??, john, ??, ??

Summertime 1968 B
(back) ??, ??, sherry, jim, jim, nancy, rick, mary, kay, rick, tom, tom, mike
(front) ??, john, ??, rick

Yup, I'm in both pictures and I can name three quarters of the people without resorting to looking at yearbooks. It would be nice to find the program for that musical to help me identify every last person.

Updated Added the names of the people I recognize.


Doctor Pion said...

Oh, no, which one were you?

(At least I recognize Famous Local Actor in one of the shots.)

The Thomas said...

Now that I've added names, how many do you recognize?

Doctor Pion said...

Not many, but I had guessed correctly about you even if I still have no clue what character that is. I'm guessing cindy M (who went to my HS), and that I know (but don't recognize) rick, but the one that bugs me is on the left: is that Jim S? Time to get on the phone ...