Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm Having A Root Canal

No actually not me. This is a song by Glenn Bulthuis which goes like this:

Ah-ah-ah I'm having a root canal, oh, oh, oh, I'm having a root canal
Oh you can drill in my face, any time, any place, to replace any space in my mouth
Oh, I'm having a root canal, I'm tellin' ya I'm having a root canal
I can not tell a lie, I am felling rather high, as the plaque, starts to fly in the sky
I'm having a root canal ....

My head begins to swoon, in the waiting room
The chill, the thrill as he begins to drill, drill, drill, drill

Oh I'm having a root canal, I'm telling ya I'm having a root canal
I don't mind telling you all, I'm buying my mother-in-law
A root caaaaanaaaaal .... a root .... caaaanaaaal

I't thrilling, and chilling and drilling and drilling, I'm having a root canal. Hey!
The dentist drill provided an odd accompaniment.

Here is a sample of this song from his Greatest Hits CD.

Glenn is now producing CD versions of his vinyl releases, so I can now buy a copy of his Misled album from 1980 as a CD and don't have to record the vinyl to MP3 myself.

A couple of the songs from Misled that are included on the Greatest Hits are LA Girls/Michigan Girls and Cruzin Down The Beltline.

Yet another update: Be sure to check out his videos and you can see many places around where I live.

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