Wednesday, December 14, 2005

They're Back

We had an interesting situation on the way home this evening from picking up one of the daughters from college.

Just as we were leaving the college town, we saw what looked like a pair of tan labs crossing the road with their heads down. As soon as they got into the right hand lane, they raised their heads and they were no longer labs, but antlerless deer. The car ahead of us slammed on their brakes and slid towards them. The lead deer got out of the way, but the second deer bounced off the front bumper of the little car in front of us. The deer was knocked ass over tea kettle and landed cast. It then scrambled to its feet, fell over once and then bounded off the road on the other side. We checked the people in the little car, but other than being shook were OK. It was such an elastic collision that the air bags didn't deploy.

What fun. Sorry, no pictures.

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