Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ah-Nab-Awen Park

The following link to Google Maps shows the Gerald R Ford Museum. The Museum is the triangle shape to the left of the words Ah-Nab-Awen Park. You can see the location of the "crypt" just north of the museum. There is a semi-circular walkway leading from the front sidewalk to the "crypt" area.

Across the Grand River you can see the DeVos Place convention center and the City/County buildings with the Alexander Calder painting on top. There is a Calder stabile in the plaza in front of the buildings, but it isn't very visible in the satellite photo.

This whole area will be blocked off for the funeral (much like they did for the dedication when we hosted another gaggle of Presidents/former-Presidents). The Secret Service will make it more fun than dealing with the TSA.

The Wikipedia entry provides a fairly accurate description of Grand Rapids.

Update: PDF of current plans for President Gerald Ford's lying in repose and funeral in Grand Rapids from today's Grand Rapids Press. Note the use of the Grand Hall of DeVos Place for screening people prior to viewing the casket. This allows plenty of room for the metal detectors in a warm, weather protected location even though the lines will end up outdoors and across the river.

Plan for Viewing
The Plan for Visiting the Repose

The Actual Lines

Its no wonder that it took people 4 to 5 hours waiting in line. At least they used the three football field sized (160,000 square foot) DeVos Place Exhibit Hall to hold a good deal of the lines so that people weren't standing outside the whole 5 hours.

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