Saturday, November 26, 2005

Pride & Prejudice - Saturday: Movie and a Birthday Dinner

First the statistics. All told there were 5 men at this movie (counting my son and myself). The men were out numbered 10 to 1. The average age for the women was estimated to be around 45 years. For some strange reason, the owner of the theater group attended this showing. (I didn't ask him why. I think he took his Mom.)

In some ways this film felt truer to the period. The people weren't as pristine as in the A&E version. We liked the "country dancing". (No we did not get up and dance along with the film.)

It was nice to see a film with good actors, but not famous names. Looking on IMDb, we saw that some had played in Charles II: The Power & the Passion.

High points of the movie:

  • "Oddball" Donald Sutherland not totally sucking as Mr Bennet
  • Mr Collins' sermon (Even my few were not that bad.) Did he really say that?
  • Mr Collins not being as weasly, just totaly fish out of water in all his settings
  • The "dance" of the characters as they wandered though the ball, always just missing each other
  • The wounded puppy dog looks of Darcy
  • The painful shyness of both Mr Bingley and Jane Bennet ("My sister won't even tell me" remarks Elizabeth)
  • Darcy talking Binkley through what he needed to say to propose. (You say ... then Miss Bennet responds ...) Priceless.
Oh, and I want a long coat like Darcy.

Both Lydia and Wickham seemed underplayed in this version, though Lydia does bounce a lot.

Dinner after the movie was at the usual place. Greek Chicken, three Rigatonis, Capellini, and Vegitarian Lasagne. Afterwards we went home for cake and ice cream.

Previews: Glory Road (due out Jan 13th) is not a remake of the Heinlein tale of a Knight Errant, but about college basketball. Oh Well.

We got to see the Nanny McPhee preview on the big screen. (Due out Jan 27th) We can't wait. Emma Thompson both wrote the screen play and is the main character.

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