Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thirty Five Years Ago Today

I dislocated my right knee helping to push a car out of a snow drift. It was after a concert celebrating the life of President Kennedy. Fortunately the injury occurred after our run of "Arsenic and Old Lace" was over, so I wouldn't have to hobble around the stage. Nin wasn't even born yet.

President Kennedy official Whitehoue portrait

Forty two years ago, I was sitting in Mrs Hahn's class (funded by the National Defense Education Act) when our Principal came in and told us that the President had been shot. We set up a television in the school lobby and turned it on just in time to see Walter Cronkite announce that President Kennedy had died. Needless to say, school was let out for the rest of that cold, wet, and overcast day.

Ith was just a wee bairn and probably doesn't remember much of that weekend. My brother and I spent the weekend at my Grandparents because they had a color TV and a better antenna.

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